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We believe that life is where your soul and your actions cross paths. Where fate and destiny are aided by hard work, good conversations, continuous learning, and fine company. A platform for premium storytelling across the parts of life that matter most - your heart, your soul, your brain and your wallet. We hope you'll take that journey with us, and explore, interact with, and enjoy, The Grizly. 

Stories Worth Telling.

Andrew Donofrio

Specialties - Life development, Fitness

Andrew is a graduate of New Paltz & specializes in personal development. Andrew originally created The Grizly to share his life experiences with others.  Training of the body or mind is right in Andrew's wheelhouse.

Make sure to check out all of Andrew's life & Finance articles. While you're at it check out some of his book recommendations! 

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Specialties - Career development, Networking

CJ is a graduate of Iona college & is a master at climbing the corporate ladder and networking. CJ joined the Grizly team from its inception in 2020.

Make sure to check out CJ's career development writing!

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Adam iqbal

Specialties - Business building, Personal & Business credit