It's OK to Fail

Updated: Feb 19

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sometimes, it really isn’t about win or lose - it's about if you accept the challenge. The minute you accept you've already won.

One of the hardest things we deal with as humans is being told "no". That feeling of disappointment is unbearable. It is better to fail and learn than to have never tried at all. Once we flip the script and get over that initial fear we must reverse our mindset.

We always ask ourselves "what is the worst thing that can happen?". In most situations the worst-case scenario is just a simple no. Let's reverse that and ask ourselves, "what is the best thing that can happen". Now, that opens a world of endless possibilities. In Silicon Valley it is encouraged that you failed at two startups prior to your newest one. This is because venture capital firms know going in that you have learned a very valuable lesson. Do not fail and quit; fail and learn.


Unconscious & Incompetent - No idea what is going on + no idea how to do it

Conscious & Incompetent - Have an idea of what is going on you but no idea how to do it

Conscious & Competent - Know what is going on and have an understanding on how to do it

Unconscious & Competent - Don’t need to think about what is happening around you, you can do this in your sleep.

“Get an experienced C, over an ignorant A”

Don't be afraid of failure - it's the only thing that's ever preceded success.

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