The art of impossible

Updated: Oct 15

How do we accomplish what has never been done before? It sounds like an impossible task, but people have done the unthinkable before, so you can too right? Steven Kotler breaks down the key components to peak performance and doing the impossible. Remember everything is impossible until its done.

First you must understand the difference between impossible’s. Steven breaks this down between capital I and lower-case I. Capital I’s are things like trying to jump 50 feet in the air or run a 5 second mile. Things that biological are just not feasible. The impossible we want to focus on is the lower-case I. This is what we deem to be impossible or just hard. Whether you want to lose 50 pounds, learn a new language but you think you’re too old, learn a new skill/hobby or just be better at work.

Throughout the book Steven will talk about “Flow”. This is what he deems to be the state we are in when we are at peak performance. The whole idea is to figure out ways to put yourself in a flow state, no matter what you are trying to do. Steven takes you on a journey through what is happening inside your brain throughout each step. From figuring out ways to have your brain release dopamine, to understanding the way information travels throughout your brain. It all is related to flow.

Take a dive into The Art of Impossible and challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to find your passion and what drives you. Challenge yourself to create daily check lists to create small dopamine spikes. Challenge yourself to think differently than you have. Most importantly challenge yourself to do what you didn’t think was possible and concur the art of the impossible.

Grizly Theme: Peak performance is based biology based.

Quinling Quality Score: 7.6/10

Quinling's Featured Quotes:Just because that’s how we always found facts doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way.”

“Find people who disagree with you.”

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