The Old Man and The Sea

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Imagine you're an elderly man from a small fishing town. You've been fishing for dam near 70 years. You've had good seasons and bad - more bad. It's just you, your family has moved on, your hut is your own, and you need a big catch because the most recent have not been paying the bills or feeding your tummy.

But now you've got good winds. You're out there early. The sun's coming up just right. You have your favorite bait. And just like that - out of the corner of your eye - the big catch.

I introduce to you Earnest Hemingway's Old Man & The Sea. A story that's as old as time.

The catch is made. But, naturally, getting back to shore with a catch this large proves challenging. A shark takes a good bit about halfway back to shore. Then, later, comes for seconds. By the time you're back to shore, you've got a shell of the former large catch. You retire to your chambers, hungry and broke.

But something about you besides the expected physical ailments is also different.

You're stronger, wiser, smarter than you've ever been. You did not meet your goal. You got as close to then finish line as possible without crossing it. But the experience, the gain in the struggle that made up that journey is even more crucial than the journey itself.


Next time you fail to meet your goal, don't recall that finish line that wasn't crossed; remember the paths you travelled, the people you met, and the wisdom you gained across the way.

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