Think Again

Ever get in an argument with someone that wont budge? What about someone that is clearly wrong but cannot see it. How do you get someone to rethink something they believe so strongly? These are the topics at hand in Adam Grant’s book Think Again. In a world of growing controversy tough conversations seem harder to have. Adam gives some great tips on how to have meaningful discussions to challenge your mind and beliefs.

Not everything is how it looks at face value. Just because something has been done a certain way for years or decades does not always mean it is the right way. You can see this in old history books, in sports rivalries, and in some of the most famous businesses we know. Sometimes we need to reevaluate the -process. Adam believes it is important to constantly reevaluate your viewpoints, beliefs, and processes. He will show evidence of how the best forecasters in the world change their mind/thesis’s more than average.

Adan will teach you how to be defined by your values rather than your opinions. If ignorance plus conviction equals arrogance, how can we make sure to avoid this equation. At the same time if we are suffering from imposter syndrome how can we learn to be more confident?

Grizly Theme: The importance of adopting a rethinking mindset rather than a thinking skill set

Quinling Quality Score: 9.2/10

Quinling's Featured Quotes:Once we hear the story and accept it as true, we rarely bother to question it.”

“The curse of knowledge is that it closes our minds to what we don’t know.”

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